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Welcome to DyRoBeS home page

DyRoBeS© (Dynamics of Rotor Bearing Systems) is a powerful and complete rotor dynamics and bearing analysis program based on Finite Element Analysis.  

A comprehensive rotordynamics book by W. J. Chen & E. J. Gunter

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About DyRoBeS©

 DyRoBeS© is a pair of powerful, yet easy to learn and use, engineering design/analysis software tools authored by Wen Jeng Chen, Ph.D., P.E., for complete rotordynamic analysis and comprehensive bearing performance calculations.  The Finite Element based codes combine a user interface intuitive enough for the occasional user, with a powerful set of modeling and analysis capabilities for the most demanding requirements.  Extensive built-in modeling, analysis, post-processing and visualization tools allow the user to work within a single integrated environment.  To aid the user, the programs include context sensitive help, a standard Windows help system, and an extensive set of examples.

DyRoBeS-Rotor is the Rotor dynamics component.  Developed with the basic philosophy of providing powerful, but easy to use tools for the working engineer, DyRoBeS-Rotor, is capable of linear and non-linear analyses of free and forced vibrations (lateral, torsional, and axial) as well as static deflections of multi-shaft and multi-branch flexible rotor-bearing-support systems.  More than ten different types of bearings, dampers, and seals are built in.  In additional, a number of analysis and design tools, including aerodynamic cross-coupling calculations, rolling element deflection and stiffness estimation, liquid annular seal analysis, calculation of inertia properties of a solid, equivalent impedance of a bearing-support system, rotor orbit analysis, and balancing calculations are provided.

DyRoBeS-BePerf complements DyRoBeS-Rotor by calculating Bearing steady state and dynamic Performance.  The wide range of bearing configurations which can be analyzed include plain cylindrical, partial arc, elliptical, lobed, multi-pocket, pressure dam, general fixed profile lobed, flexural/tilting pad with or without flexible pivots, floating ring bushings, gas lubricated bearings, and thrust bearings.  The solution includes automatic calculation of effective film temperatures at operating conditions.  In addition to bearing analysis, the program also performs lubricant properties analysis and oil flow calculations.  The bearing dynamic coefficients calculated by using DyRoBeS-BePerf can be easily integrated into a DyRoBeS-Rotor model.

Under continuous development since 1991, DyRoBeS has been rigorously validated and extensively tested by many academic researchers and industrial engineers.  It is widely used by government agencies, universities, and various industries around the world. 

DyRoBeS model for a Turbine Generator

                                                                                                             ISBN 1-4120-5190-8

Wen Jeng Chen, Ph.D., P.E.
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